Package Rates

Most new websites are quoted a design fee in a package cost. This includes a year's web space rental, domain name registration and maintenance for a year, e-mail setup and site customization.

Package cost depends on the size and complexity of the website requested. Since each client requires a unique solution for their web presence, it is difficult to determine exactly how much the package will be before the design consultation.

However, to assist you in determining what your costs may be, below is a sampling of what the typical costs involved in building a web presence might be for you.

Type of Site Number of Elements Fixed Costs (Domain Name Registration & Space Rental) Maintenance Package Design Cost
Basic up to 5  $215 per year $25 per month $550
Small Business (static presence) 10-20 $215 per year $35 per month $650
Small Business (dynamic presence) 20-40 $300 per year $50 per month $850
Small Business (store, e-commerce transactions) 20-50 $400 per year $50 per month $1000
Medium Business (dynamic, customer interaction) 50+ $500 per year $100 per month $2500-$5000


Published Rates

All new websites are published under contract with a customized estimated package price. Once design is complete, services not covered by monthly maintenance are charged under the following hourly pricing guidelines.


Service Rate Description
Webpage Creation $50/hr Basic static web page design including hyperlinks, graphics and simple forms (calculate 1 hour per complete page)
Advanced Web Design $70/hr Dynamic web pages including image rollovers, expandable menus, visual effects and complicated pages.
Graphic Design $50/hr Background, banner and specially designed site graphics such as animated GIFS and banner ads.
Template Customization $80/hr Customizing templates for commonly used Content Management Systems and/or orginal CMS systems such as WordPress, Zencart, Joomla, Drupal etc.
CGI Programming & Installation $70/hr Installation of pre-existing scripts such as bulletin boards, guestbooks and shopping carts usually take under an hour. Original programs or customized scripts take a minimum of 3 hours to complete. This does not include any of the software programs included in your web hosting package: i.e. FormMail, Hit Counter and basic Alacart Shopping Cart.
PHP/Web Database Programming $100/hr Custom web database designed/modified for your site using mySQL and PHP. PHP Sendmail and dynamic page delivery.
Social Media Integration $50/hr Configuring social media integration tools between your website and social media sites (e.g. Google +, Facebook, Twitter).

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